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Rose City International Rugby Tournament


Team Roster & Participation

There is no assigned limit to the team roster.  However, no player may participate in a Trophy match (Sunday) without playing in a previous Division match with that team. Players may play in other non-Trophy matches with no restrictions.

Referee Rules

The Referee is the sole judge of the game and laws.  All games will be played under current Rugby Laws.  Their decisions will not be disputed.

Law Coverage

Any matters not covered by the laws of the game or by a referee’s decision will be resolved by the Tournament Director whose decision will be final.

Player Injury

Any injured player cannot resume playing till cleared by the medic’s and / or the referee.  Concussion injuries can not play for the remainder of the tournament.

Player Ejection

Any player ejected from a game will not be allowed to play for the remainder of the tournament.  Any team playing an ejected player or concussion injured player will be disqualified.

Game Timing

Games that start late will end on time.  Teams may start short of players, but must bring on players by having the Referee bring them on.


Points will be awarded as follows: 3 points for a victory; 2 points for a tie; 1 point for a loss  (Saturday ties will be considered a tie).


Ties in the pool standings will be broken as follows: 1st, head to head, 2nd, least total points against, 3rd, total points for, 4th, coin toss.

Trophy Games

Trophy games on Sunday will play one 15 minute sudden death overtime.  If the score is still tied, the match will be decided by first, the number of tries scored; second the number of conversions made; and third, the number of penalty kicks made. If all the above are equal,the team that scored first (Try or Penalty) wins.

Touch Judge

All referees are either Ontario or Michigan certified referees.   Each team will provide one person suitable to touch judge each match.

Team Captains

Team captains and persons listed on the entry forms will be held responsible for the conduct of their players, Coaches and team supporters.


No outside alcohol allowed. 

Flames & Grills

No open flames including grills of any kind.

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